What are “Moobs”?

Moobs is the popular term for Gynaecomastia. It can also be referred to as man boobs, lax skin, axillary fat or Pseudogynaecomastia.

They are terms used to describe a protruding unnatural looking male chest, that tends to look more feminine than masculine.

Many of our male patients after treatment have a much reduced chest which has a life changing effect on their future life. Holidays, beaches and hot weather are now no longer a problem and their confidence in such circumstances is soon returned. You no longer have to worry about what others may say or think.

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    Why is it a problem?

    The condition is benign but disturbing in that it can cause intense psychological distress and body dysmorphia with most of our patients feeling extremely self conscious about the appearance of their chest. Sufferers are often too shy to seek help and struggle on for years on end, even though there is potentially a simple procedure to end the suffering.

    What causes Gynecomastia?

    Gynecomastia is increased deposits of fatty tissue around the chest area, which looks like the formation of small breasts. As men are hormonally different to women, fat is distributed around the body in different locations, but in certain circumstances, those fatty deposits can be formed in areas more associated with women.

    These fatty deposits can be caused by numerous reasons. The main ones being a hormone imbalance, obesity and old age. Your consultation will help establish root causes and how we could possibly help. Remember, we will always be honest and up front with you, never over promising.

    What we do to treat Moobs?

    Surgical treatment by vaser liposuction is appropriate after loosing any excess weight and ruling out any disease or medical condition contributing to the man boobs.

    It can be divided into three areas. Identification of these areas is rather important to plan an effective treatment to guarantee patient satisfaction. The areas consist of

    1. The section behind the nipple
    2. The section below the axilla(armpit) and
    3. The fat located immediately to the  front of the arm pit.

    If present it is important to treat all three areas or the result might be suboptimal.

    The treatment consists of removing the fatty deposits through keyhole surgery, under local anaesthetic, followed by resection of resistant pockets of fat and or glandular tissue through the skin of the areola(nipple).

    Occasionally there is some residual loose, lax skin. This can be tightened with radiofrequency energy without the need for skin excision and visible scarring to the skin of the chest. Recovery is quick and mild exercise can be resumed after 2 weeks followed by full activity after one month.

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    Recovery is relatively quick. Limited activities can be resumed after two weeks, full activity & exercise after a month. A dedicated compression garment should worn for a month after the procedure and at least three sessions of MLD massage is advised to contribute to and ensure the best possible healing and end result. All these detail will be discussed and any further questions answered at your consultation with Dr Vlok.

    From Booking to Aftercare

    From Booking to Aftercare

    Initial Assessment

    Visit us for your free initial assessment. We will discuss your needs and expectations and work together to see how we can help you achieve your ambitions.


    Your consultation with Dr. Vlok will be your chance to ask any face to face questions and to really understand in detail the work required and benefits it can bring.


    You’ll visit us in out state of art surgery at the Nottingham Road Clinic for your treatment. You’ll be looked after throughout with personal service.


    We will see you regularly and keep in touch to make sure you are recovering as expected.

    About Dr. Vlok

    MBChB MPraxMed DOH&M Vaser Liposuction Specialist

    Hi, I feel extremely fortunate to be in a position to be able to help my clients look and feel better. Treating Moobs using Vaser Liposuction is an area I have been practising and honing my skills in for over 20 years now. Having trained at the prestigious University of Pretoria and the renowned International Centre of Body sculpting, Bogota I have the knowledge and experience to provide a first class service from consultation through to aftercare.

    I understand that selecting the right cosmetic surgeon to work with is a big decision, and that is why I take the time to understand not just your specific requirements, but the full picture, taking in to account health, physical options and what can realistically be accomplished. I have worked for many well known cosmetic companies throughout the UK and you can often find complimentary testimonials about me on their websites.

    I don’t work with everyone, as I’m honest about potential results. If I can’t help, then I’ll let you know, gently. But if I can, then that’s when I get excited, as I know I’m about to transform someone’s life to the good.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my body store fat there?

    There are several reasons, one being an imbalance between the hormones oestrogen and testosterone. In a man, the testosterone would normally stop the oestrogen from developing breast tissue. Another reason is obesity. Being overweight can cause more oestrogen, plus you will more likely have excess fat which can also enlarge the breast area.

    Will they grow back?

    Generally no. Once we remove the fat cells from the breast area, they will not be replaced and they will not grow back. Only in exceptional circumstances is there a chance that they will return. The possibility of them returning and the causes will be discussed with you at your consultation, so you have all the information you need to make a decision that is right for you.

    Why are they called moobs?

    It is a simple play on words, using the female term of Boobs, but replacing the B with an M from the word Male, as they can look like male boobs.

    How much does it cost?

    As with most things in life it depends. Our treatments are not on a menu, a 1 size fits all solution. We are professional’s and treat each patient as an individual. Each treatment is diagnosed and formulated to your needs, desires and realistic expectations. Therefore each procedure is costed accordingly. We are happy to meet potential clients with an initial consultation to discuss requirements before committing to any treatments. We are not a large firm we are medical professionals and therefore there is no hard sell or over promising.

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